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Easements are non-possessory rights in land. They are not difficult to understand but the vocabulary can be daunting.

60 Minutes to Complete the Following: Change Estimate
 Time Estimate Set
  1. Download the Easements Workbook
  2. Watch the Easements Video
  3. Read the Easements Article
  4. Define These Five Words!
  5. Watch the FS 2020 Q#3: Where We're Going, We DON'T Need Any Roads! So Let's Give Them Back!
  6. Take the Easement Concept Review

Siminar Summary: Edit

Legal Principles of Land Surveying is one of the most heavily tested components of the FS. In this seminar, we will cover topics such as creating boundaries, deeds and descriptions, conveying land, and more! This is a comprehensive module so get ready.

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Dr. Tony Nettleman, PhD, RPLS, Esq: Dr. Tony Nettleman is a Land Surveying Engineer and Attorney that has been practicing for over 20 years. He holds a BS, MS and PhD in geomatics as well as a law degree. Tony has helped thousands of professional surveyors obtain and keep their licenses. View Profile