Legal Aspects of Land Surveying (8 Hour CEU)

All the Legal Principles That Surveyors Must Know

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Thanks for your interest in this course! This engaging and interactive learning experience includes videos, quizzes, discussions, polls and other powerful lessons that will help you better understand this topic.

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Dr. Tony Nettleman, PhD, RPLS, Esq

Dr. Tony Nettleman is a Land Surveying Engineer and Attorney that has been practicing for over 20 years. He holds a BS, MS and PhD in geomatics as well as a law degree. Tony has helped thousands of professional surveyors obtain and keep their licenses.


1 Legal Aspects: (A) Introduction To Legal Aspects for Land Surveyors & (B) Legal Systems

  1. Download Introduction Slides
  2. Watch Introduction to Legal Aspects Video
  3. How familiar with legal aspects are you?
  4. Why do you think knowing and understanding the legal-side of surveying is important?
  5. Download Legal Systems Slides
  6. Watch Legal Systems Video
  7. Which branch of government do you think is the most important?
  8. Do you think the U.S. government functions well or effectively? Justify your answer.

2 Legal Aspects: (C) History of Boundaries & (D) Creating Boundaries

  1. Download History of Boundaries Slides
  2. Watch History of Boundaries Video
  3. Do you think the practice of "beating the bounds" should still be practiced today, or is it too antiquated?
  4. Download Creating Boundaries Slides
  5. Watch Creating Boundaries Video
  6. Boundaries are created in many ways. Give an example of how a boundary is created then tell us whether this is created (1) expressly, (2) by courts or (3) by prescription.

3 Legal Aspects: (E) Ownership, Transfer, and Description of Real Property & (F) Intro to Land Conveyances

  1. Download Ownership Slides
  2. Watch Ownership, Transfer, & Description Video
  3. Choose three sources of title from the slide deck and describe all three in complete sentences. Don't be afraid to make-up your own sources if you would like to "go the extra mile."
  4. Download Land Conveyances Slides
  5. Watch Land Conveyances Video
  6. Enter A Discussion Question About Land Conveyances
  7. A 160-acre parcel is broken-up into smaller lots over the course of 100 years. What type of conveyance is this?
  8. A subdivision is created that contains 100 lots within 4 blocks. What type of conveyance is this?
  9. Junior/senior rights apply to which of the following conveyance types?

4 Legal Aspects: (G) Adverse Possession & (H) Estates in Land

  1. Download Adverse Possession Slides
  2. Watch Adverse Possession Video
  3. The idea of adverse possession occurs in all 50 states. But many of the elements of adverse possession are slightly different in every state. Can you locate a court case or statute that lists the elements of adverse possession in your home state?
  4. Download Estates in Land Slides
  5. Watch Estates In Land Video
  6. Many of the estates discussed in the video are rare. Which of the following have you seen in real-life?

5 Legal Aspects: (I) Take the Concept Review

Ready to Test Your Mettle?

  1. Take the Concept Review Here. FL, TX, and NY license holders must make a 70% to pass. All other states may simply open the quiz, click submit, and generate their certificate. Good Luck!
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