Deeds & Descriptions (8 Hour CEU)

Ying and Yang for the Land Surveyor

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Dr. Tony Nettleman, PhD, RPLS, Esq

Dr. Tony Nettleman is a Land Surveying Engineer and Attorney that has been practicing for over 20 years. He holds a BS, MS and PhD in geomatics as well as a law degree. Tony has helped thousands of professional surveyors obtain and keep their licenses.


1 Deeds: (A) Welcome to Deeds, Descriptions, and The Law & (B) Parts of a Deed

  1. Download Introduction Slides
  2. Watch Deeds Introduction Video
  3. Please describe the difference between a deed and a description in your own words
  4. Download Parts of a Deed Slides
  5. Watch Parts of a Deed Video
  6. Are there any specific or unique deed requirements in your home state?

2 Deeds: (C) Types of Deeds & (D) Deed Requirements

  1. Download Types of Deeds Slides
  2. Watch Types of Deeds Video
  3. Have you encountered any problems with deeds that contain the fewest guarantees (i.e. tax sale deeds, quit claim deeds, etc.)?
  4. Download Deed Requirements Slides
  5. Watch Deed Requirements Video
  6. Some deeds are just not that well written. At what point does a deed become invalid? How do you as a surveyor "fix it"?

3 Deeds: (E) Types of Land Descriptions & (F) Validity of Legal Descriptions

  1. Download Types of Land Descriptions Slides
  2. Watch Types of Land Descriptions Video
  3. What type of land description (PLSS, M&B or lot & block) is most common in your geographic area of practice?
  4. Download Validity of Legal Descriptions Slides
  5. Watch Validity of Legal Descriptions Video
  6. Please tell us the about the worst/most confusing legal description you have ever read!

4 Deeds: (G) Recording Statutes & (H) Surveying as a Profession

  1. Download Recording Statutes Slides
  2. Watch Recording Statutes Video
  3. Is your home state a record state, notice state, or record-notice state? Include the statutory language from the state law.
  4. Download the Surveying as a Profession Slides
  5. Watch Surveying as a Profession Video Watch the Video
  6. Complete the Reading Assignment

5 Deeds: (I) End of Course Final Exam

  1. Take the Deeds Final Exam
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