HP35s Operation and Programming for Land Surveyors (v2)

Course ONLY for those who have purchased an HP35s from NLC, Inc.

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DO NOT purchase this course before buying an NLC HP35s. This is a user guide to ONLY go with the purchase of NLC's HP35s. You will receive a code for this course when you receive your calculator. Purchase price of this course DOES NOT include the HP35 Calculator.

Buy Now US$ 500.00
Buy Now US$ 500.00

Ready to crush the FS and PS tests? Having a pre-programmed HP 35 calculator can save you an incredible amount of time in school, on exams and in the field. Learn how land surveyors use their HP35's to solve curves, triangles, traverses, COGO and more. This bundle is included for free with every purchase of a pre-programmed HP35s from NLC, Inc.

Buy Now US$ 500.00

Course Syllabus

1 Intro to Your HP35s

Learn everything you need to know to successfully operate your brand-new HP35 including basic functions, entering operands and operators, basic conversions and more!

  1. Download HP35 Slides (Use with all Videos in the Course)
  2. Watch the Introduction Video
  3. Download Thank You Letter
  4. Download User Guide

2 What Not To Do with Your HP35

HP35's are extremely useful and powerful machines. But simple missteps can cause the loss or corruption of your entire programming database and require the total reprogramming of the machine. Don't let it happen to you!

  1. What Not To Do Video

3 Running Programs on the NLC, INC Calculator

Learn about how to run the most useful programs on the NLC HP35s including COGO, triangles, curves, intersections, and more!

  1. Watch the Area by Coordinates Video
  2. Watch the Angle Conversions Video
  3. Watch the Side-Side-Side Triangle Video
  4. Watch the Side-Angle-Side Triangle Video
  5. Watch the Side-Angle-Angle Triangle Video
  6. Watch the Angle-Side-Angle Triangle Video
  7. Watch the Side-Side-Angle Video
  8. Watch the Intersections Video
  9. Watch the Horizontal and Vertical Curves Video
  10. Watch the Radials Video
  11. Watch the Traverse Video
  12. Watch the Inversing and Stubbing Video
Buy Now US$ 500.00
Buy Now US$ 500.00


Dr. Tony Nettleman, PhD, RPLS, Esq

Dr. Tony Nettleman is a Land Surveying Engineer and Attorney that has been practicing for over 20 years. He holds a BS, MS and PhD in geomatics as well as a law degree. Tony has helped thousands of professional surveyors obtain and keep their licenses.